OUR AUTUMN 2011 PROGRAMME   (Saturdays 7:30 pm)

Sat 3rd Sep                 Trovatori                         www.trovatori.com

Back by popular demand, the Whalley based professional opera singers Darren Clarke and Caroline Lester who make up the acclaimed singing duo Trovatori.
Darren studied at the Royal Northern College of Music. His singing career has taken him to opera houses and theatres in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, and Europe. He is also an accomplished Lieder singer. Caroline studied composition at Durham University and reached the final stages of Channel 4ís Operatunity and ITVís Search for a Soprano. She has performed numerous operatic roles and has appeared in many oratorios and concerts across the UK, Europe and the United States.
Trovatori have performed at events across the UK and abroad, and this summer they are a headline act for Thomson Gold in their European hotels.
The first half of the show will be a blend of popular numbers from opera, operetta and musical theatre; the second will consist of a more intimate set with classical guitar accompaniment, playing out their arrangements of famous Neapolitan songs, film themes, popular songs and more.

Sat 1st Oct         Bad Apple Theatre   presents         Back to the Land Girls

This brand new show is the latest comedy two-hander from Badapple's resident writer as she celebrates the highs and lows of the wonderful women who helped keep Britain fed during World War II, set against a backdrop of glorious music of the age, as well as new tunes by songwriter Jez Lowe. Although a fictional tale this play owes much to the reminiscences of a number of Land Army Girls who contributed their own personal stories to this exciting new comedy.
It's 1942, and there are some new arrivals in the village. They're turning heads and breaking hearts as the fine girls of the Women's Land Army take to the hills. Buff is a city girl dreaming of being 'just like Vera Lynn', while Biddy is a country girl who is 'nowt but a hopeless romantic'. Join them on a journey of blisters, back-ache and banter as they learn all there is to know about working on the land.

Sat 5th Nov         howdenjones     with     Beautiful Music in Beautiful Places

Kate Howden and Paul Jones are singer-songwriters who have that special magic that captivates the audience in a unique, intimate atmosphere. Their show is a family friendly mixture of songs, tunes and stories, that often has the audience joining in, singing along and laughing as they share their travelling experiences through their music and northern-tinged banter.
With powerful harmony, skilled musicianship and beautiful arrangements, they write all their own material and between them play, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo and bodhran.
Kate and Paul have been playing together since 1999. From their experience of working on the National Rural Touring circuit, which promotes music and performing arts in rural areas, they have been discovering new audiences, booking Village Halls, Small Theatres and Art Centres since 2007. With seven albums of work in their catalogue and a sheer delight in live performance that shows, they continue to bring their Ďbeautiful music to beautiful places.í

Sat 3rd Dec         The Garage Band     {of Whalley}

For over a decade the Garage Band has been entertaining Folk Clubs and pubs in the North West of England. The four musicians have known each other for much longer, having previously met each other at Jimís Garage in Whalley, using this as a base for their weekly Saturday practice.
The line-up consists of four musicians who bring a variety and freshness to their music. They mainly perform a selection of Lancashire and Irish material but are continually adding new songs.
Based in Whalley Jim King lives and breathes for his beloved garage, located on the King Street. He still does the occasional car repair but sells an eclectic mix of country style furniture and bric-a-brac that no one could possibly live without. Thereís seldom a day when he canít be heard using his fine tenor voice to fill the rafters of his garage and frighten off the swallows. As well as singing he plays banjo and mandolin.
Pete Monk is another fine singer. He alternates with Jim to present most of the material the group sings. Pete plays English concertina and is a mine of information about much of the material the group sings.
Guitar and penny whistle. Tony Brown's passion is Bob Dylan. He is also our sound engineer.
Violin. Whalley resident and the only full time music professional in the group, Carol Lowe teaches music. Her musical skills have been invaluable in working out many of the arrangements for the songs and instrumentals.

Tickets for any of these events, at the very reasonable price of £6, can be
obtained at Whalley Post Office or from David Balfour on 01254 822350