OUR AUTUMN 2013 PROGRAMME   (7:30 pm, bar from 7pm)

Sat 3rd Aug         Jim Tracy entertains          www.reverbnation.com/

Making a welcome return appearance is Jim Tracy, who has been singing country music around the UK for quite a few years now. Tonight is mainly for the line dancers with songs from The Mavericks, Toby Keith, Alan Jackson, George Strait, Hank Williams Jnr, George Jones, Buck Owens & even Gene Autry, Dean Martin & Daniel O'Donnell.
But if you ask nicely, I'm sure he can be persuaded to play some traditional classic country which is his favourite style or some of the new up to date country-line dance songs . So whether you like to just sit back and listen to the likes of Jim Reeves, Willie Nelson, Marty Robbins, Hank Williams or Johnny Cash and many other oldies, then you can't go wrong.

Sat 7th Sep     Tackler’s Brew   -   tacklers-brew

Are you of that age where you can remember cowboy films at the 'flicks' on Saturday mornings? Do you remember the days when teachers would give you a clout for misbehaving in class? Can you remember outside toilets and night workers?
If you can, then come and spend an evening with Tacklers’ Brew. If you can’t, then look on it as a history lesson and come anyway. One thing’s for sure, you’ll leave with a smile on your face.
Tacklers’ Brew are Pete Tomlinson, former bass player with The Houghton Weavers and many more folk and cabaret bands along the way, Geoff Stott, well known in folk clubs throughout Wales before returning home to Lancashire, and Rawden Kerr - currently town crier in Great Harwood, where all three members grew up. He was recently voted by readers of the Telegraph as the best person to be stuck in a lift with!!
They take a humorous look at growing up in a small Lancashire cotton mill town in the 1950’s and beyond with music and daft tales.
It’s an evening where joining in is essential. They don’t care what you sound like - it’s about enjoying yourself. So come and join in with old favourites like Blackpool Belle, Uncle Joe’s Mintballs, Granddad’s Cap, and songs about Auntie Ada learning to use a computer.

Sat 5th Oct       Jam Factory     -     thejamfactory

The Jam Factory (JF) is an innovative and highly-distinctive Community Jazz Orchestra, based in Darwen. With over 20 members, they play a vast assortment of music from Jamaica, India, Brazil, Cuba, South Africa, Ethiopia, The Balkans, Japan, Trinidad and New York, we play Jazz, Rock and Ska with plenty of room for improvisation..
At its heart, JF seeks to entertain and educate, offering an opportunity for the ‘buzz’ of live music performance to be experienced by players and audience alike. In particular it seeks to advance the cause of improvisation and a creative ensemble which is accessible to a community much wider than the ‘jazz audience’ per-se. That said however, the breadth of resources drawn upon happily and necessarily include jazz music and its traditions.
They were 'auditioned' by ourselves at the recent, (May 2013), Clitheroe Street Music Festival.

Sat 2nd Nov    Library Theatre Touring Company presents   'Happy Jack'   by John Godber

Yes ... yet again we have secured the ever-popular Library Theatre Touring Company of Leeds,
Happy Jack is one of John Godber's earliest plays - first performed in 1982 when Godber was only 26. It tells - or rather retells - episodes from the lives of his grandparents, Jack and Liz, who died in the 1970s.
Jack and Liz are an ordinary, decent working-class family from the mining village of Upton in West Yorkshire. These are small and honest lives. There is little to look forward to and the pleasures are similarly small and frequently relived. The highlight and relief in the year was the family holiday: to Blackpool for 15 years and then later on to Cleethorpes and Whitley Bay.
Jack (Roger Cook) and Liz (Deborah Kelly) are portrayed unsentimentally, fondly and respectfully. It should leave you with a warm glow in your heart.

Sat 7th Dec      The Garage Band     {of Whalley}

For over a decade the Garage Band has been entertaining Folk Clubs and pubs in the North West of England. The four musicians have known each other for much longer, having previously met each other at Jim’s Garage in Whalley, using this as a base for their weekly Saturday practice.
The line-up consists of four musicians who bring a variety and freshness to their music. They mainly perform a selection of Lancashire and Irish material but are continually adding new songs.
Based in Whalley Jim King lives and breathes for his beloved garage, located on the King Street. He still does the occasional car repair but sells an eclectic mix of country style furniture and bric-a-brac that no one could possibly live without. There’s seldom a day when he can’t be heard using his fine tenor voice to fill the rafters of his garage and frighten off the swallows. As well as singing he plays banjo and mandolin.
Pete Monk is another fine singer. He alternates with Jim to present most of the material the group sings. Pete plays English concertina and is a mine of information about much of the material the group sings.
Guitar and penny whistle. Tony Brown's passion is Bob Dylan. He is also our sound engineer.
Violin. Whalley resident and the only full time music professional in the group, Carol Lowe teaches music. Her musical skills have been invaluable in working out many of the arrangements for the songs and instrumentals.

Tickets for any of these events, at the very reasonable price of £6
can be obtained at Jim's Garage, 21 King Street, Whalley
or Whalley Post Office or from David Balfour on 01254 822350