2021 Programme  

Sat 23rd Jan       Zoom Quiz     poster

1. Each team member is to change their Zoom name to “Team Name : Their name”. Your host can quickly put arrivals in the team break out room.

2. We need a simple team name – no more than 8 letters/numbers (because not everyone will be able to change their name – so your host will have to change them!)

3. We need the email address of your team leader. To keep it simple we will not be communicating with anyone else.

4. If you win a prize it will be delivered to the team leader, as long as they live near Whalley. If the leader is further away we may need to change the prize!

5. Please ensure all your team members know their team name. This is important for the smooth running of the event.

6. Time: 7:00 for a 7:30 start.

7. Last date for entry: the day of the quiz at 16:00.

8. Wearing a funny hat will make the evening more fun!

Tip:- Don’t be fooled by some of the pictures in the quizzes – everything is not what it seems.


Q. I have a team of 4, possibly 6. Can I just pay for 4 and add the other 2 if they accept?

A. Yes – you just pay for the number in the team. And yes, you can pay for more later if they accept.

Q. How will he (the quiz master) know the names of everyone in a team?

A: He will not. He will just know the team leader’s name, the team name and how many have been paid for in that team.

Q. Do we all need to be using the same computer.

A. No. It will work better if each team member is on a separate computer, two people on one computer.

Q. Can we do the quiz on our smartphones?

A. With great difficulty. There will be slideshows, and possibly videos, to watch; and ideally you will have at least a normal sized screen.

Q. Will we have time to confer to discuss the answers?

A. Yes! Definitely - this for me is the fun part of the evening! Zoom uses 'breakout rooms' and you will be able to discuss whatever you like!

For more information please email Richard at  r i c h a r d.w a l l w o r k@whalleyvillagehall.org.uk  or click on  poster.

Due to the CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) we are suspending
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