From his early frolics with the concert-party group "The Co-optimists" through his extraordinary success in the now legendary Ealing Comedies, to the pinnacle of My Fair Lady, Stanley's most endearing and unique talent led him ever upwards to rub shoulders with the cream of showbiz from Crosby to Coward, Chevalier to Olivier, Groucho Marx to Audrey Hepburn.
Cosmotheka's Dave Sealey, sometimes narrator, sometimes as the man himself, takes on Stanley's roller coaster ride to fame, meeting on the way old friends such as Sam Small (pick oop tha musket) or Albert Ramsbottom (yon lion's et Albert). The great classic monologues are lovingly revisited: "My word you do look queer"; "Three 'appence a foot" and the timeless masterpiece "Brahn Boots". As are the songs: "With 'er head tucked underneath 'er arm" and "With a Little Bit of Luck".
Suitable for the whole family.

Saturday 1st April 7.30pm

Tickets 5 from Whalley Post Office or Eric Ronnan 01254 822555