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Generally regarded as scandalous, John Cleland’s early English novel ‘Fanny Hill’, has been adapted for the stage by Peter McGarry . Colourful and erotically charged it proved an exciting and entertaining evening of theatre. It was a racy evening, a cross between a historic period piece and Expressionist theatre, with knowing, contemporary overtones - say, Hogarth crossed with Big Brother.

Fanny Hill a beautiful country bumpkin, is lured into a life of Sin in Georgian London; poverty meeting greed and debauchery as society is exposed. Jane Collins played the lovely heroine and Debby Kelly her maid Phoebe, her companion, lover and narrator, as we witness her rise and rise through society, with Roger Cook and Mike Brooksbank playing the multitude of men who facilitate this.

Roger Cook of the Library Theatre Touring Company which has presented two highly succesful productions at the Hall recommends this version of 'fanny hill' "There is no nudity or four-letter words and having some knowledge of your audience we think it should go down well !!"

Saturday 6th April 7.30pm

Tickets £6 from Whalley Post Office
or David Balfour Tel. 01254 822350