Hiring Rates

The hours booked must include the time from the entry to the premises for preparation, the actual event, and the time to clear up and leave in a satisfactory condition and remove all goods, equipment and rubbish from the premises.

The basic sessions are:-

Morning          9:00am to 12:00 noon
Afternoon        2:00pm to  5:00pm
Evening          7:00pm to 10:00pm
Evening (full)   6:00pm to 11:30pm (Cost in brackets)

Note: the building must be vacated by 11:30pm

The basic rates for a 3 hour session are:-

             Local Regular     One-Off Hires
Main Hall    25:00 (30:00)   30:00 (40:00)
Austin Room  20:00 (25:00)   25:00 (30:00)

Commercial rates are by negotiation.


The Hall is licensed for: reproduction of recorded music
                          live music, singing and dancing

The Hall is NOT licensed for the sale of alcohol

If this is desired by the hirer there are two options:

A. make a private application to the Licensing Justices; or
B. contact a local licensee approved by the Committee to apply for a licence.

With respect to licenses, two requirements are made by the Committee:

A. The period of the licence must finish by 11:00pm
B. The Booking Secretary must have sight of the licence at least 24hrs before the event.

Booking Secretary

Mrs Honey Balfour       Tel: 01254 822350
Email: b o o k i n g s@w h a l l e y v i l l a g e h a l l.org.uk