Millstone Ceilidh Band


A recent celidh A recent celidh

A recent celidh A recent celidh

The Millstone band was formed in 1985 when the band Flash Company were joined by legendary accordionist Mick Burke and Arthur Renshaw (Ripley Wayfarers) to perform at a local festival in Clitheroe but went on to play many more venues for the next few years. The name came about after practising in Dave’s house they all went for a pint in the Millstone Hotel thus the 'Millstone Ceilidh Band' was born.

The band members are accomplished musicians and together hold a wealth of folk music knowledge. Having played together for many years the band have that 'understanding' and really bring tunes alive.

A celidh is the Scottish or Irish name for what we call a Barn dance and the Americans call a hoe down. The dances are explained, demonstrated and supervised by the caller. The dances start very simple at the beginning of the night and culminate in the Strip the Willow at the end of the night.

Many people had neither attended nor heard of a ceilidh so perhaps the many comments received stand testament for the band. Many said that their first experience of a ceilidh was very enjoyable, fun, Many said they wanted to attend future ceilidh events.

All proceeds of this evening will be going to help fund Whalley Primary School's Science Week.

Saturday 5th December 7.30pm

Tickets £5 from Whalley Post Office
or David Balfour Tel. 01254 822350