Sat 1st Sep       Jim Tracy entertains     dance-ranch.mysite.orange.co.uk

Jim Tracy, Country & Western singer, entertains with songs from artists such as Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, Charlie Pride, Merle Haggard, Don Williams, Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks and many more.
Based in Colne, Lancashire, Jim also does charity work with a group of friends (The Songs for Christie Singers) singing to the public in shopping centres in and around the North West, so far raising in excess of £80,000 for the Christie Hospital.

Sat 6th Oct         Travelling by Tuba             www.travellingbytuba.com

A multi-instrumental extravaganza including tuba, piano, conch, didgeridu, serpent, sousa-phone, ophicleide, (a bugle), and hoseaphones to name but a few. Music from classical to jazz, humorous anecdotes and informative chat give an evening with something for everybody.
"Travelling by Tuba are experts who really get their enjoyment of music across" - The Times
Chris Cranham and Stewart Death are a unique duo who perform a stunning innovative programme definitely not a Tuba recital! With a wide array of wind and brass instruments they create a virtuoso performance and entertain and communicate with their audience.
Travelling by Tuba spans 15,000 years of music! Beginning with the Conch shell, the Viking horn and the Didgeridu, journeying through 14th Century Europe with typical music of the time played on early instruments, The Serpent, first used in French music in the 15th Century was the first proper brass instrument remaining popular for over 200 years. The 19th century favoured the bassoon shaped Ophicleide made of brass. It was a regular instrument used by Berlioz and Mendelssohn.
Hear how Brahms, Mozart, Bach and others might have written for the Tuba!

Sat 3rd Nov         The Garage Band with Lynn and Barrie Hardman

The Garage Band comprises: Jim, vocals, banjo and octave mandola; Pete, vocals and concertina; Anthony, guitar; and Carol, violin. They play mainly traditional Irish and English traditional folk songs and music and are frequently to be seen jamming in Jimís garage, (in King Street Whalley), on Saturday afternoons.
Lynn and Barrie Hardman are a popular and engaging twosome from Haslingden who have been entertaining followers of folk music for nearly twenty years now. One man and one woman, a guitar and a harmonica, they have their roots in Guthrie and Dylan but influenced by McCall, John Prine, Si Khan, Jock Purdon, Robb Johnson and others.

Sat 1st Dec   Latintastic with Tanya Cusan Espinosa   www.tanyacusanespinosa.co.uk

A magical journey into South American culture, Latintastic! combines dance, theatre, puppetry and song.
There are characters inspired by some of the female legends of the past such as Carmen Miranda and Jovita Feijoo, imagery from carnivals, ferias and processions from their native town Cali in Colombia and with the help of the perfect salsa dancing partner Valentino, the show conjures up a rich tapestry of memorable moments.
Latintastic! comes from a great visual tradition. Stories and images that were handed down from generation to generation would evolve and develop in different directions and rely on the simple human delight in communication and imagination.
Latintastic! is a triple bill: a full performance, a taster session in salsa or merengue and then dancing for everyone!
Suitable for all ages 4yrs upwards, and people who love dancing!

Tickets for any of these events, at the very reasonable price of £5, can be
obtained at Whalley Post Office or from Eric Ronnan on 01254 822555