'SPOT ON'   Rural Touring - Spring 2005 Tour

Sat 5th March     Jane Bom-Bane  &  Nick Pynn   back-to-back

Jane sings self-penned songs & poems to the accompaniment for harmonium and colourful mechanical hats that illustrate her lyrics. Nick excels in performing his own compositions on a variety of stringed instruments, playing cards & wine glasses with invisible guests... Chances for everyone to join in!
"This is an hour of eccentric song, based on the many hats of Jane. I haven't spent such an intriguing afternoon in ages. The hats themselves are also bizarre creations, connected to the subject of Jane's similarly enigmatic songs. Subjects (and hats) range from Edinburgh Rock (the tartan clad confectionery) to the interior of Jane's house. It's an easily accessible show revealing a unique, enchanting and probably revolving mind." (Edinburgh Review)
This show comes highly recommended by the Scheme Manager of the North Yorkshire Rural Touring Network (On Tour)
Suitable for all those interested in original music, song & instrumentation: unusual but uplifting, accessible & fun. Ages 6-106. Not suitable for under 5s.

Sat 2nd April     Three men in a Bow-tie

A concert pianist, Radio 4 (producer and a dairy farmer singing silly songs and telling topical tales about the pleasure and pain of rural living. The show has a feel of madcap, modern-day Flanders and Swann ... Or a literary version of The Old Rope String band! Starring agricultural starlet, "Freda the Female Farmer".
Their repertoire of self-penned material includes gems such as The Addiction', (about what happens if you spend too much time shovelling slurry); 'Terminal Love', (a brief lesson on how the sad and lonely make love via the internet); 'Chicken Blues', (an egg bound ballad) and 'The Pig with no Poke' which speaks for itself!
Three Men in a Bow-tie have come to us highly recommended from rural touring schemes across the country.
Suitable for all except very small children.

Sat 7th May     The Doghouse Skiffle Group     www.skiffledogs.co.uk/

Three men, tea-chest, broom handle, twine, kazoo, washboard, brass thimbles, guitar, harmonica ... jack o' diamonds, knife, banjo, rain, blues, hanging, train, Dylan, cigarettes, murder, cotton, battle, canon-ball, water, Lead-belly, snake, Love, ballad, cocaine, Guthrie, daddy-o, prison, jig, preacher, wreck, gun, Presley, railroad, bones, God, crow, liquor, pig iron, Beatles, blood, Bible, death, shoeshine, truck, cowpoke, Donegan, sunshine, cattle, Cash, lies, alligator, sin, bim-bom, rattle rattle, twang ... THE DOGHOUSE SKIFFLE GROUP.
From their meagre upbringing in and around the railway depots, docks and swamplands of Hull, The Doghouse Skiffle Group are fast becoming hot property throughout the country.
If it's an evening of relaxation and reflection you're looking for ... DON'T BOOK THIS BAND!!
Suitable for all ages.

Sat 4th June    Freerange Theatre Company     www.freerangetheatre.co.uk/

A taut two-hander, 'Oleanna' exposes the world of sexual politics and power struggles on a university campus. This is no 'Educating Rita'; it's political correctness gone mad.
Freerange Theatre company will be performing the show 'in the round' so that as an audience member you should never be more than a few feet from the action. If you've never seen this powerful and unforgettable drama, now is your chance.
'Oleanna' is probably not suitable for children.

Tickets for any of these events, at the very reasonable price of 4, can be
obtained at Whalley Post Office or from Eric Ronnan on 01254 822555