Sat 4th February     Football Fanatical               with           Grahame Lloyd

An A-Z of the beautiful game. A one-man celebration of the weird and wonderful world of football incorporating poetry, prose and commentary quotation - and the occasional song! The show is in the form of a match: i.e. two halves of about 45 minutes with a 15-minute interval.
Grahame is a freelance journalist and broadcaster who has worked for the BBC, commercial radio and television as a reporter and football commentator for 25 years. Join Grahame to celebrate the language of football's varied characters, matches and incidents, a copious supply of material covering the game at international, national and local level.
A pot pourri of comedy, commentary, prose, pathos and poetry and the occasional song.
Suitable for all except children under 10.

Sat 4th March     A story for when we're Grandads     Random Productions

A lively darkly comic thriller about two young men who become accidentally involved in a murder case, via a mysterious stranger who leaves them a suitcase of money and a whole heap of trouble.
The play was written and is directed by Patrick McConnell. Random Productions are a new company based in Wyre. Be amongst the first to see this highly anticipated production!
Has minimal strong language.
Suitable for adults and young people aged 15 years upwards.

Sat 1st April         With a Little Bit o'Luck           Dave Sealey as Stanley Holloway

From his early frolics with the concert-party group "The Co-optimists" through his extraordinary success in the now legendary Ealing Comedies, to the pinnacle of My Fair Lady, Stanley's most endearing and unique talent led him ever upwards to rub shoulders with the cream of showbiz from Crosby to Coward, Chevalier to Olivier, Groucho Marx to Audrey Hepburn.
Cosmotheka's Dave Sealey, sometimes narrator, sometimes as the man himself, takes on Stanley's roller coaster ride to fame, meeting on the way old friends such as Sam Small (pick oop tha musket) or Albert Ramsbottom (yon lion's et Albert). The great classic monologues are lovingly revisited: "My word you do look queer"; "Three 'appence a foot" and the timeless masterpiece "Brahn Boots". As are the songs: "With 'er head tucked underneath 'er arm" and "With a Little Bit of Luck".
Suitable for the whole family.

Sat 6th May         Hunt Roberts Theatre   presents   Lady Molly of Scotland Yard

What mysteries lie in the past of the woman they call Lady Molly of Scotland Yard? Her devoted assistant, Mary Granard, has been sworn to secrecy and all they know at the Yard is that Lady Molly is the most gifted psychologist of her day.
Rachel Laurence and Sandra Hunt of HRT, now offer a delicious entertainment which has echoes of Conan Doyle and the breezy jollity of Angela Brazil, written by Rachel Laurence, from the stories by The Baroness Orczy.
Hunt Roberts Theatre are regulars with Spot On, having toured previously with Alan Bennett's Talking Heads and The Ladies of Cranford. Sandra Hunt also toured her solo show "The Lives and Loves of a she Devil".
If you know them, you'll know what you'll get, if you don't they are a lovely, gentle company who can captivate an audience with no more than good acting and a couple of chairs.
Suitable for anyone aged 12 years and upwards.

Sat 3rd June       An Evening with Elsie and Doris

Anne Wareing and Kath Eccleston bring you some (more) of their inimitable monologues. Giggle (again) at the poetic ramblings of these two talented ladies.
The cost of 6 will include a light supper. There will also be a stall, raffle and bar with the proceeds going to Derian House Children's Hospice.

Sat 1st July         TUTORED WINE TASTING   with  Mike Murdoch

Wine educator Mike Murdoch is to give a tutored wine tasting, particularly for beginners at 7.30 pm. Eight wines will be sampled. It should be noted that this is not 'your typical commercial wine-tasting'; Mr. Murdoch does not sell wine.

Sat 2nd September     An Evening with Glen Pate and Frank Day

Glen Pate, journalist, musician and singer, (from Opera to Jazz and everything in between), has been a 'poetry freak' since his early teens and has presented one-man shows mixing poetry with anecdotes on various themes - serious to light-hearted. He teams up for the first time with Blackburn's Frank Day. Frank is not only a fine singer, he is an avid researcher into the lives and times of composers from the Golden Age of Musicals. He has a wide experience of the 'concert party' format.

Tickets for any of these events, at the very reasonable price of 5, can be
obtained at Whalley Post Office or from Eric Ronnan on 01254 822555