OUR SPRING 2011 PROGRAMME   (Saturdays 7:30 pm)

Sat 5th Feb      ISAMBARDE       www.isambarde.co.uk      on youtube

Isambarde, a one man two woman trio, offers: three voices , (Chris Green - vocals, guitar, mandocello, Jude Rees - vocals, oboe and occasional shawm, Emily Sanders - vocals, fiddle, whistle). They combine energy with superb musicianship, an undoubted flair for clever but sensitive arrangements, quality vocals, and engagingly self-deprecating sense of humour. The combination adds up to much more than the sum of the individual parts. With a powerful blend of traditional and contemporary folk songs they've been carrying the English tradition forward into the 21st century.

"ISAMBARDE sing and play with a fabulous energy and an amazing array of musical talents. Fiddle, guitar and oboe sustain their voices through a wonderful collection of tunes." - CLOUDSTREET

"Driving acoustic guitar rhythms woven together by silken melodies on oboe and fiddle." - CATH MUNDY and JAY TURNER

"ISAMBARDE are a really good young band. They’re good to listen to, good to look at and it’s very obvious that they enjoy performing." - VIN GARBUT

Sat 5th Mar       The BALKANICS         on myspace       on reverbnation

Fondly remembering their very successful September 2009 performance, we are happy once again to welcome Lancaster's Balkanics Band with their unique blend of sizzling Balkan and Klezmer tunes. They deliver a big-band sound that ranges from driving dance rhythms to moments of melancholic introspection.

Since forming in 2007 they have been gigging throughout the northwest of England to increasingly large and enthusiastic audiences. Their idiosyncratic style reflects the diverse musical backgrounds of the band members, which include Balkan and Klezmer music, as well as rock, dance and classical.

Sat 2nd Apr    CLEVER PETER  bring   'Blood, Sweat and Tears'     reviews

After sell-out shows in 2008 and 2009 at the Edinburgh Festival, the award-winning sketch troupe Clever Peter are bringing their unique blend of fast-paced sketch comedy to Whalley Village Hall.

With their trademark coloured jumpers, they bring a mix of their Edinburgh hit show 'Blood, Sweat and Tears' together with some new material and some 'best of the best'.

'One of the best troupes we've seen in recent years' - Metro

'Pretty much top of the class' - Scotsman.

'Clever Peter's unswerving ability to hit the target would put Phil Taylor to shame' - List

Suitable for 16 year-olds upwards.

Sat 23rd Apr    BLACKHEART       www.blackheartmusic.co.uk     on youtube

Chrissy Mostyn and Rick Pilkington are widely regarded as the fastest rising stars of the new folk generation. The last three years have seen them headline their own successful tours across the UK.

Their songwriting blends folk, country and even rock influences to create a unique style of beautifully crafted, instantly memorable songs that has been christened by the media ‘urban folk’. Their highly personal songs paint pictures of their lives with subjects such as hometowns, marriage, faith, redundancy, bereavement and even suicide all being treated with the sensitive, intellectual lyrical observation that is becoming the trademark of their work.

Their live shows combine the unforgettable lemon and honey voice of Chrissy Mostyn and jaw-dropping acoustic guitar playing of Rick Pilkington with highly entertaining audience interaction as they tell the stories behind their songs.

2010 saw the band complete successful tours of the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Sat 7th May      Bordello Theatre Company   with   'Tales From The Blackjack'

One man, three tales, the edge of your seat...

Hold tight to your seats as you are taken at break neck speed through the mysterious and mesmerising world of the casino.

A straight talking Croupier introduces three exhilarating accounts of life inside the four walls of the gambling superhighway, stripping away the glitz and glamour to reveal a harsh reality of debt and desperation.

Have you ever wondered how you turn a normal human being into a dependent gambling addict? Find out the answer in this multi award winning tale of corruption and despair, Kung Fu fights and insane heights, not to be missed!

MEN Award for Best Performance in a Studio Production: Winner

Buxton Fringe Award for Best Actor: Winner   /   Buxton Fringe Award for Best Production: Winner

"Effortless" - ThreeWeeks   /   "Breathtaking" - Public Reviews   /   "Unforgettable" - City Life

Not suitable for under 18 year-olds.

Sat 4th Jun         Hard Times           on the internet

GORDON JOHNSTON ... Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar and Vocals.

LAURIE JOHNSTON ... Whistle, Flute, Mandolin, Guitar and Vocals.

GEOFF WILKINSON ... Bass and Guitar.

Hard Times is a three piece traditional acoustic band, featuring a wide and varied repertoire which includes music and song from Britain, Ireland, America and other sources. The band play a variety of instruments eg; Guitar, Banjo (5 string and Tenor), Mandolin, Fiddle, Flute, Whistle and Bass - all to an extremely high level of competence. They cover a wide spectrum of traditional and contemporary music and a few bits and pieces which don’t really fall into either category but everything is played at a level.

Sat 2nd Jul   The Hyde Festival Theatre Company  with  'The Airborne Adventures of Elisabeth and Jeanne'

31st Dec 1799. The last day of the 18th century and the brink of a new era. Elisabeth and Jeanne, balloonists-extraordinaire, are about to perform their most daring feat. At midnight precisely one of the women will jump from a balloon floating high above their world, the world of men, parachute alone through the twelve chimes of midnight, and return to earth in a brand new century. Ahead of them : female emancipation, gender equality, and sexual liberation. But first, one of them must jump. Close their eyes. And jump ...

a new play about the challenges of being a woman in this world of men.

For a woman in 1799, the only way was up. In 2011, other directions are also available.

You need to be aware that the play contains very strong language and sexual references, It is bawdy and Chaucerian. While this is surely not a problem for our 'adult' audience, PGA could well be the order of the day.

As last year, after their thought-provoking production, "Einstein's Daughter", the Hyde Festival Theatre Company will be happy to chair a post show discussion.

Tickets for any of these events, at the very reasonable price of £6, can be
obtained at Whalley Post Office or from Clare Allen on 01254 824392